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  • New book chapter is now published!!!!

  • Our new paper is about GLUT-targeting phototherapeutic nanoparticles for triple combination cancer therapy is now published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces!!!

  • Congratulations to our group member Nur Ünver for successfully defending her Master of Science thesis!!

  • New paper alert!!  Our new paper is online in Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology!!

  • New paper alert!!  Our new paper is online in ChemRxiv!!

  • Our new paper is about injectable gels for cancer treatment is published in ACS Applied Polymer Materials!!! 

  • Our new book chapter is online now!!!! 

Recent News


Selected Publications


  • " Injectable and Self-Healable pH-Responsive Gelatin–PEG/Laponite Hybrid Hydrogels as Long-Acting Implants for Local Cancer Treatment" ACS Applied Polymer Materials,  3, 7, 3504–3518 (2021)

  • "Folic Acid Conjugated pH and Redox-Sensitive Ellipsoidal Hybrid Magnetic Nanoparticles for Dual-Triggered Drug Release" ACS Applied Bio Materials 3,8, 4949-4961(2020)

  • "Robust and flexible superhydrophobic/superoleophilic melamine sponges for oil-water separation" Colloids and Surfaces A,  577, 613-621 (2019)




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