Invited Book Chapters:


1. Kurtay  G.,  Yılmaz,  M.,  Kuralay  F.,  Demirel  G.B*.,"  Chapter  15:  Multifunctional 
Therapeutic  Hybrid  Nanocarriers  for  Targeted  and  Triggered  Drug  Delivery:  Recent Trends and Future Prospects" Nanostructures for Drug Delivery – ISBN: 978-0- 323-46143-6, ELSEVIER, pp. 461-493 (2017) 

Edited by:Ecaterina Andronescu and Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu  


2.  Demirel  G.B*, Dağ, A., Albayrak G., Çimen Z."  Chapter :  Current Challenges and Future Prospects in Polymeric Nanomaterials" Advances in Polymeric Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications – ELSEVIER, In press, (2021) 









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